Milton School Team Cambodia

In 2008, the Milton, PA community raised $40,000 in order to build a five classroom school and a well to supply the children and village of Kampong Cham, Cambodia with fresh water. The school and well were completed in November of 2008, and the following month the advisor of the program, along with some administrators, teachers, and students, traveled to Cambodia to participate in the school dedication ceremony.

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The school enrollment has since passed 300, and the educational needs of the village continue to grow.  Those immediate needs now include new solar panels at a cost of $3000, a motor for their well at a cost of $400, and new computers (their link to the outside world as they do have internet access) at a cost of $400 per computer.

Milton School Team Cambodia is an effort to help continue supporting the education of children in a warn torn and impoverished Cambodia. The only future for the children of Cambodia is the hope that education will provide these deserving children with the tools they will need to provide for a better life for their families.  Please help the children of Cambodia, children only one generation removed from the Killing Fields.

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